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How in the heck do I get to and from Deltaville?

If you haven't noticed yet, Deltaville is a bit out of the way from any major airports or cities. A question we are often asked is how do I get to Norfolk, Richmond or the DC/Baltimore area from Deltaville. Well, because we don't have taxis here it does make it a little more complicated, so we've compiled a list of options for you.

Groome Transportation Services

Service Area:  Groome Transportation provides professional uniformed service from Richmond International Airport at affordable prices. Whether shared ride or individual car, Groome Transportation provides 24 hour service from your home, office or hotel.

Reservations may be made by calling 800.552.7911, or by completing their online form at:


Kingston Transportation Services

Service Area:  Provides professional service from Newport News/Williamsburg International Airport, Norfolk International Airport, Richmond International Airport, Washington DC and Baltimore area Airports.
(As of July 7, 2009 current rate is $1.90 per mile.)

A. Donald Moore Chauffeur

Service Area:  Provides professional uniformed sedan service from Newport News/Williamsburg International Airport and Norfolk International Airport at reasonable rates. Requires advance reservations.

Enterprise Rental Cars

A national rental company that provides great local, personable service. Though their office is 25 minutes from us, they will either drop the car off to you at the marina/boatyard, or they will pick you up and bring you to their office.  Call the above number for to speak to a reservationist. Since there are many marinas in Deltaville, be sure to tell them you are at Deltaville Marina or Deltaville Boatyard on Jackson Creek (our address is 274 Buck's View Ln).

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