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Directions from the Chesapeake Bay

Deltaville Marina
37 32.941 N 
  76 19.783 W

Jackson Creek has a north and south branch. Both areas provide excellent, deep water, protected anchorages. Jackson Creek is located just north of the Piankatank River entrance and to the south of the Rappahannock River entrance/Stingray Point Light.

From the red #6 Piankatank marker (37 31.958 N, 76 19.051W) head due north to G1 & R2 which mark the entrance of Jackson Creek (37 32.699 N, 76 19.334 W).

Our channel is narrow but well marked, and provides a depth of at least 8-9 feet. Follow the channel markers sequentially R1 to R10. As you proceed through G3 and R4 at the bend, stay in the middle of the channel.  After rounding the last red marker R10, the marina will be ahead off your starboard bow. We monitor VHF channel 16, and our working channel is 69. We have four docks, A through D; the first dock you come to after rounding the R10 marker is A, followed by B, then C, and finally D which is also our covered shed dock/fuel/pumpout dock. Click here for a diagram of marina.


Charts are provided for reference only. They are not to be used for navigation.
For additional aerial views of our creek and facility visit us online at

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P.O. Box 497, Deltaville, VA 23043 Phone: 804.776.9812 Fax: 804.776.9125

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